Rainwall Strand - 3 Pack - 18", 32", 68"


This Rainwall pack comes with all three sizes, large, medium and small.


This small Rainwall strand measures 18” and comes with three raindrops that vary in size. This medium Rainwall strand measures 32” and comes with five raindrops. The large size is 68" and includes nine raindrops. Each strand has three different sized raindrops. The small raindrop is 3.5” tall, the medium raindrop is 4.25” tall and the large raindrop is 5.25” tall. Each raindrop is made of ⅛” laser cut acrylic. The holographic vinyl was adhered and cut by hand. Raindrops are hand tied together with a 12 lb fishing line.


This large Rainwall strand has an additional 8” of fishing line at the top for the strand to hang from.


Each strand is packaged in a cello wrapper with hardware for easy installation on walls or ceilings. Each one comes with care instructions to keep your Rainwall strand shiny over time.


Rainwall is an installation made for The Wonder Room at The Columbus Museum of Art. Now, you can have a piece of Rainwall to add a little wonder to your own home. 


A sunny spot near a window is the best place to hang your rainwall strand. It will cast rainbow reflections, bright colors and twinkling light throughout your space. 

Rainwall Strand - 3 Pack - 18", 32", 68"